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Bathtub Screen

This is the look that customers always point to as their favorite.


bathtub screenThis is the look that customers always point to as their favorite. Don't settle for the standard sizes of big box retailers. At Bear Glass, you decide the size of the shower. You decide the configuration, height and width, the type of glass, and the color of hardware. We manufacture it on our premises exactly how you ordered it. We are not an assembly line. We create individual tub enclosures, each one exactly how the customer wants it, and each one made with great care.


A simple, luxurious appearance that is almost all glass. The less metal the better in bath screens. When that metal has an innovative design, the tub looks better still. Sliding tub door can be used in Bath tub doors but they are also great for showers too. We can customize your doors for thickness, size and glass-type.


That thick tempered glass is also far less likely to break. And it stays where it is supposed to because the stainless steel hangers that grasp it overhead are fastened through holes drilled in the glass. This is in sharp contrast to shower doors from big box retailers, which have thin glass held by glue inside poorer-quality aluminum hangers. Strong, top-of-the-line stainless steel hardware holds the shower together far longer than does low-quality aluminum.


bathtub screenThis is the look that customers always point to as their favorite. Many had no idea that such bath screens existed. If you want to use your tub sometimes as a shower, you can add a glass enclosure instead of a shower curtain. Not only that, you can avoid having a metal frame. The overhead rod features a simple, geometric design, and uses the least metal possible in a sliding door. Wheels on the thin rod guide the doors. One small metal guide is at the bottom.


There is always one fixed panel and one moving panel. Location of the fixed panel is reversible and can be placed on the right or left side. There is minimal need for support from the walls and installation can be completed even in absence of studs because majority of the glass weight is carried by the stationary glass. Most popular glass types are clear glass, low Iron glass, frosted glass for bath screens. Glass thickness is usually 3/8'', but 1/2'' glass can also be used for a more substantial look and feel. Typical overall opening is 60'' width by 72'' height but we will custom fabricate to fit your space. Typically used in smaller spaces where there is not enough room for a swing door. Skyline shower hardware is available in brushed stainless steel, or polished stainless steel.