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Framed shower door

A budget-friendly alternative to frameless glass showers


framed shower doorA budget-friendly alternative to frameless shower door is framed shower doors and panels can be substituted into any design and shower opening -- from a single, swing door replacement to a multi-panel shower door. Multi-panel framed shower door is a kind of trendy decoration both for residential and commercial shower doors. We offer you the best opportunity to decorate your shower room with a budget price.

Framed shower door can be further customized through choices of glass styles and hardware finish color. Frosted framed shower door is also looking good and you can also customized it with printing, acid etching and backpainting too.


Generally speaking, these shower doors can be custom made to fit almost any design but there are some standards; which if integrated into your space, can potentially reduce the amount of your investment.

The most popular type of glass used in these enclosures is clear glass but other options are also available. In choosing this type of enclosure, particular attention should be paid to availability of space in front of the enclosure. There should be enough space to allow the door to swing open and closed without any hindrance. Swing door framed shower doors a fun way of dramatically changing the look and feel of any shower and with the right design can become the center and focal point of your washroom.

Framed Shower Door

framed showerdoorNormally not very expensive. (Usually framed with aluminum and using a thin tempered glass). They normally do a very good job at retaining water due to all the overlaying metal. They work very well as steam enclosures. Their frames can come in different painted enamel finishes as well as traditional metal finishes. They offer an incredible array of decorative glass options.

Framed Sliding Shower Doors

framed sliding shower doorTo decorate your shower room in your budget price, framed sliding shower doors are the fast rating option for you. Don’t feel boring with a framed shower door, it can be customized with the sliding door option. Starphire glass framed sliding shower door can add a WOW factor very easily and at a reasonable cost. You can also customized it with glass frosting, backpainting, etc.

We also provide shower doors hardware as per your requirement. We provide shower door hinges, brackets and clamps, handle set, knobs, channels and headers, tub enclosure hardware, and many other custom hardware needed for shower door installation. Framed tub screen and framed bath tub door are also available at Bear Glass.