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Frameless Showerdoor

One of the fastest growing trends in most homes is the use of frameless shower doors in their bathrooms.


framless shower doorOne of the fastest growing trends in most homes and commercial places' shower rooms is the use of frameless shower doors in their shower rooms. This used to be a feature in most hotels as well as luxury resorts, but over time, more homeowners want these shower enclosures in their own homes. There are numerous benefits that come with installing frameless shower doors by Bear Glass.


They are easily accessible. These frameless shower doors make it less time consuming when you are gaining entry into the shower enclosure as well as leaving it. They come in numerous styles such as sliding doors, swinging doors, folding doors and so on. All you would have to do is pick out a style that will be best suited to your bathroom.

They are easy to maintain. The one thing that we use our showers for is to get clean. As such, they are constantly exposed to dirt and grime. Shower enclosures have to be cleaned often for them to remain pristine. With the frameless shower doors St. Louis, cleaning is easy. The first thing that you could consider is getting a surface protector. This will help fill up the pores on the glass thus preventing any soap to build up there. When it comes to cleaning these frameless shower doors, all you would need is regular cleaning fluid to clean the outer glass as well as the inner glass. One thing to note though is that you should avoid using any harsh chemicals as these could be detrimental to the glass.


Frameless shower doors look great. It's a simple slab of thick tempered glass that pivots smoothly from the shower wall or a glass shower enclosure. Frameless shower doors do not have the structural benefit of metal framing, the glass must be thicker. Glass is typically about a quarter-inch thick. Heavy- A 72' x 36' frameless door may weigh as much as 70 pounds. Compare to a framed shower door, which may weigh about 45-50 pounds. Solid sheet of glass has no framing to impede cleaning. Frameless door has excessive weight, care must be taken to ensure that it is securely installed--a task often best left to professionals. Most frameless doors have the option of hinges being installed on either side--but don't assume so. Check the specs.


Can accommodate larger openings - This fact can be especially important for higher end luxury showers. Increased safety - Since the openings can be designed larger it can be safer for those with mobility challenges. No track at the bottom of the door - with sliding doors there is often a track at the bottom of the door - with a pivot shower door you can eliminate this track. High end luxury designs are available - Using thicker 1/2'' frameless glass in a pivoting door will fit well in a high end home.