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A great use of glass doors, but hardly the only one.


showerdoorMost people, when they think of internal sliding doors, think of those that lead outside to a patio. A great use of glass doors, but hardly the only one. Interior sliding glass doors and room divider partitions offer innovative ways to transform the look of homes, offices, and loft spaces.

Internal sliding doors are usually installed where standard interior would occupy too much space to swing open, in order to save usable space. It is no secret that many have noticed that a large area of the premises by squaring belongs zone opening and closing interior sliding doors. But this problem is easily solved by installing internal sliding doors that do not require such space as standard swing doors. Typically, they are installed as a partition between the kitchen and living room.

Think about your home. What if glass separated the living room from the dining room, or the dining room from the kitchen? What about a glass entry to a sun-room or closed-in porch? Think about a translucent separation between master bedroom and bath that lets in light. How about tinted glass closet doors? What if glass separated the many activities going on in a large basement room, keeping it from looking chaotic? Do you want a sectioned-off home office, but need to see into other rooms? Is there anywhere that needs to look open and spacious, but would benefit from more defined space? The wall that isn't a wall. This affordable touch of luxury is not just for large homes, but also for smaller single family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

Glass interior sliding doors and panels from Bear Glass are made of thick, sturdy, tempered glass in your choice of clear, tinted, and textured. They look clean and contemporary because they do not have frames. Instead, minimal hardware holds sliding doors from overhead. The glass doors can be exactly the size you need and can include stationery glass panels on the sides that can even go around corners. Even unusual corners. The decision on the exact layout, the measurement, and the installation are quick and easy. The glass is carefully custom made to your exact specifications. With all our glass manufacturing right here on our site, turnaround is fast.

So go look around your house. Where would glass add something special? Then call Bear Glass, even at the early ''what if?' stage. There is no cost and no obligation. You will get complete details about how to integrate this very special material. Before now you probably never thought of using it.

SKYLINE Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Thick tempered glass panels glide beneath a simple rod with wheels, for a clean, eye-catching design.

KLEIN Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors move below minimal hardware that is hidden by a rectangular overhead rod.